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It's all about the gay boys...

Fruit Flies
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This is the LiveJournal Community for the Fruit Flies comic, drawn by ME, Jess M. I work as a CENA (or CNA) at a nursing home on the midnight shift. This is one of the ways I entertain myself in what little spare time I have.

I have rules. Very important rules. If you ignore said rules, I will have to moderate. Please don't make me moderate. You wouldn't like me when I moderate.

One: You post, please use the spellcheck function before anything goes up. We all make mistakes from time to time (that's why I have my lovely) but if anything is too bad either spelling-wise or grammatically, I point grammarwhores in this direction.

Two: No petty arguments, please. I don't mind if you guys want to get into little fights every now and then, but please be creative about it.

Three: Use the lj-cut. Please. I cannot stress this enough. I have left communities because they just fill my friends page, and I have to search and search for stuff that actually matters.

Four: I like art. Love it, in fact. I'm actually astounded sometimes that I have a comic. And that it doesn't suck. (Although the early stuff is kinda sucky...) So feel free to post fanart here, guest strips, silly stuff like that. But please use the lj-cut.

Five: Have fun!