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Yeah, I know. I still suck.

Since getting the new job, I don't have time to draw at work. I've shuffled updates around a little before, and I think that's what I'm going to have to do. I seem to usually get Fridays off, so I'm going to move my updates to Saturday. Sorry about that. I should have been able to do it, since I had a 3-day weekend, but things like peices of my car snapping off in my hand, allergies, a stray allergen puff that the girlfriend picked up, my anime club having a screening, and bouts of fever kinda washed that out.

This is a sketch of Daphne's family. I think she's going to have another sibling, but I'm not certain about it. Her brother, there, is Darryn. Like her, he's bisexual. He also looks like he's a little on the goth side, having a great love for both lipstick and eyeliner. He's probably the source of Daphne's love for boy-on-boy action.

I need to fix his head and shoulders a bit, but this shows just exactly how sexy Elliot it. It's all in his legs. Like, damn.
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